Tips On How To Properly Apply Sunless Tanners

enjoying in waterSunless tanners are gradually replacing conventional tanning method like going to the beach for a sunbathing or visiting the local tanning salon. Furthermore, the sun’s UV rays can lead to drying of skin and at the worst, skin cancer. Though sunless tanners have proven to be very effective and efficient in delivering the service it promises customers, it is important that you know how to properly apply sunless tanners. Keep the following in mind if you have plans of applying a sunless tanner sometime soon:

  • Choosing a Product: In case you still have not purchased a sunless tanner and is planning to do so, make sure that you go for yellow-based sunless tanners than orange-based sunless tanner. These products are great because the tan blends with the skin and gives the user’s skin a golden glow. Orange-based self tanners have higher levels of DHA and can cause your skin to have a tangy shade of orange whereas yellow-based sunless tanners offer a more natural tan appearance.

Choosing Thermalabs products gives you an advantage because they are of premium quality. Thermalabs brand new mitt, THE ULTIMITT (the ultimate mitt) is longer than all other mitts so it covers more area while protecting the hand that uses it from getting self-tan stains. Aside from being durable, it is also easy to carry especially when traveling. It is easy to carry with a poly bag plus additional mini mitt for application on smaller areas.

  • Gel Tanners as Options: The great thing about gel tanners is that they allow the product to be applied evenly on the skin as oppose to accumulating in one area which does not give out a smooth result. However, it would be best if there is someone helping you out in applying gel tanners otherwise you are better off with spray tanners. If you want your back to get tanned, spray some in the air and then step back so your back can soak a portion of the particles on the air.
  • Exfoliate: The rationale behind exfoliating is for you to avoid the occurrence of blotches. Basically, when you apply sunless tanners, the product dyes your dead skin cells thanks to the chemical reaction that DHA has over dead skin cells. However, by exfoliating, the sunless tan will show an even skin tone. When exfoliating, do it with warm water and refrain from using any oil containing scrubs which can form a layer on the skin that will interfere with the sunless tanners. Also make sure to rinse shower products off your skin and to completely dry your skin before you start applying a self tanner.

Simply purchasing a sunless tanner and applying it on your body is not enough. It is paramount that you know the proper procedure for you to be able to optimize the benefits of sunless tanners.