Tips to Prevent Skin Burn When Using Self-Tanner Products At Home

Tanning through sunbathing is very phenomenal in teens, young adults and adults all over the world, especially in the United States. Many see themselves as beautiful when they are tanned so they still pursue tanning whether indoor or outdoor to add color to their skin. Outdoor tanning through sunbathing had become very alarming because of skin cancer danger. Too much exposure to the sun, applying self-tanner products and taking tanning pills without enough knowledge can be dangerous. Here is some relevant information about tanning with or without the aid of the sun to avoid health hazards like skin burns, melanoma, skin cancer and for achieving the process evenly and perfectly.

Know how tanning process works. Before deciding to engage in tanning, it is your duty to learn how tanning works. Tanning is obtained through the aid of the light of the sun that penetrates the skin. This light acts as a stimulator to make the skin produce more melanin. The more the melanin, the darker the skin gets. The reverse of tanning is whitening where some melanin in the skin is being removed to whiten the skin. In the process of tanning, the skin is unveiled in the sun thus the ultraviolet rays go through the skin. These ultraviolet (UV) rays are considered to be the main cause of skin diseases such as skin cancer and melanoma.

Know the different self-tanning products. As you got to know deeper what is tanning, next thing is to know the different tanning products that fit your skin and your choice. Tanning products may come in spray, oil, lotion, gel, mousse, towels, and serum. There are also tanning accelerator products that help in expediting tanning. There are several things to consider in buying these self-tanner products which include the quality, brand, price, smell, after-use effect and many others.

Tanning Products

Know how to avoid sun burns.

After knowing the process of tanning and purchasing the self-tanner product you will use, you are ready to go tanning. Always keep in mind not to sunburn. To stay away from skin burn, remember the following tips.

  • Prior to the applying of the selected tanning product, apply sun protection . Sunscreens or sun protection factor (SPF) are products applied on skin prior to the tanning products to filter the penetration of UV rays.
  • Do not stay long under the sun. 10 o’clock in the morning up to 4 in the afternoon is the peak of UV emission.
  • It is healthier to tan gradually like spending no more than an hour a day tanning to avoid skin burn.