Top 4 Exfoliating Gloves for the Perfect Skin

Basket of Goods for personal careExfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from our skin. The process can be rewarding, although harder without assistance.

Most people try out different products to help in the exfoliation process. The most used products are loofah, sisal, bamboo and jute.


The loofah is a vegetable popular in China and Vietnam. Usually, the loofah is harvested at an early age to be edible as a vegetable. The fully developed fruits are those that are used to make the scrubbing sponges.

The loofah is left in the plant to dry up. Once dried, the loofah skeleton is harvested and processed to become the loofah used at home.

When wet, the loofah becomes softer and more flexible than other gloves. This allows the loofah to give a gentler and a softer scrub during exfoliation.

In short: the loofah is gentle and becomes soft when wet. For a rougher scrub, keep the loofah a bit dry.


The sisal is a type of Agave plant native of Mexico but has been spread worldwide. The sisal yields fibers which are used to make various products. The fibers are known to be stiff and coarse, which makes it a perfect material for an exfoliating glove.

Sisal is known for its strength, durability, elasticity and toughness. The fibers will become polished and smoother as time passes.

During exfoliation the woven sisal is ideal for removing dead skin cells while flushing away toxins from the skin.

In short: the sisal is a durable and tough material, rough at first and becoming smoother as time passes.


Bamboo grows in various regions of the world. Bamboo grows without any need for chemicals because it is naturally pest-resistant.

Bamboo is known to be soft and highly-absorbing. While soft, it is still resilient and durable for gloves. As compared to cotton and polyester, bamboo has been shown to have a better moisture absorption and a higher breaking tenacity.

In short: Bamboo is soft and absorbent while having higher breaking capacity.


Jute is a long and soft fiber that is made by spinning into stronger threads. Jute belongs to the most affordable natural fibers. It follows cotton as the most produced and most used of all the vegetable fibers. Jute grows needing little help from fertilizers.

Jute is cheap, yet soft and luster. It is a versatile material that is used in different products. Jute is organic, recyclable and biodegradable.

Jute has a golden and silky finish. It has a high tensile strength and a better breath ability. Jute gloves are also known to be durable, beating life spans of other materials.

In short: Jute is a soft and breathable material that is very durable.

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