Top Self-Tanner Mistakes Youa��re Actually Making Without Realizing It




Having a tan is one of the most complimenting features of your body. Who can deny the wondrous contouring that the color gives to your body?

There are a lot of methods to get a tan be it from soaking as much sunlight as you can for the entire duration of the day; or you can also try to book a trip to your local tanning salon and try out tanning with a tanning bed. If you’d like to avoid getting cooked for a tan, you can always make use of a self-tanner. Thermalabs self tanners would be a good choice with a number of tanning products and accessories available right now.

Self-tanners are topical applications to help tan your skin. This is best option to tan if you’d like to avoid soaking the UV rays. Despite how easy self-tanners can be, you can still encounter mishaps that might be too embarrassing or even too difficult to sort out of.

Model isolated covering mouthTo best avoid these little mishaps, here are some of the things you should avoid when dealing with self-tanners:

  1. Always remember to exfoliate. Having uneven skin due to accumulated dead skin cells or just dirt in particular is going to be a bad palette for your self-tanner.
  2. Don’t leave dry skin as dry prior to application. Having dry areas such as your elbows, knees and hands will cause the streaking. Use some baby oil to sort the dryness out.
  3. Never miss a spot! Use a small brush to touch up on areas such as your hairline or your ears.
  4. Don’t apply too much self-tanner. Have a definite schedule of when and how much you apply.
  5. Try to avoid using generic mitts as they can cause a higher chance of streaking. Use tanning mitt instead because they are specialized tool for tanning application.
  6. Self-tanning can get a little messy but you may want to avoid washing any time soon. Let it sit for an hour in case you don’t want to wash off any of the application.
  7. If you have sensitive skin, it’s always best to test it out first. You don’t want to experience any allergic reaction while you’re in the middle of application.
  8. Never use a self-tanner that is dedicated for your body on your face. This can lead to a really bad case of skin irritation.
  9. Don’t forget to moisturize. Despite what people say, moisturizing your skin helps keep your tan.

With these simple tips, you can surely avoid any mishaps on applying a self-tanner. If you’re a little unsure, always ask for advice or have a friend help out for those hard to reach areas. Having a bad tan can get in the way of enjoying one!