Two Beach Essentials

We go to the beach to have fun and get that sexy tan. There are a lot of things to carry when going to the hot sunny beach. We can spend hours frolicking and basking, but eventually, you will have to lay down over a shade.

A retreat from the sun

Tan is always sexy. We go to the beach to bathe under the sun’s UV rays for that perfect tan. But too much UV can harm your skin. A retreat to a shade would be good.

Thermalab’s beach tents have the protection you need. They are made from lightweight fiberglass frames, water-resistant polyester roofs, water-resistant polyethylene floor, and other durable materials. They are designed to be stable in high winds and you can trust that they will not be blown away.

The Jupiter tent can fit 8 people. With four sides open, you will surely feel the beach breeze. What’s more like it is can be easily folded to fit on its carrying case.

We can’t get away from strong winds at the beach. The Mars Tent’s dome shape makes the wind just pass over. With lesser poles, setting it up takes less time. The poles are color-coded so that you will know which pole goes where.

If you want a quarter of privacy, you will want to get Thermalab’s Neptune tent. Having one side covered, is good for a windy location. You can face the back of the covered side against the wind for a little bit of protection. Its lightweight fiberglass frame is strong enough to hold it to the ground. 

Staying in the shade while watching over the kids. This is the purpose of Thermalab’s Venus tent. It is so spacious with a dome shape that is suited for strong winds, thus, it will surely make you lay down to an open view of the beach. 

If mom, dad, and their child are going to have some fun on the sand, the Mercury Pop Up Beach Tent is best for them. It’s perfect size can fit up to 3 persons: 2 adults or 1 adult and 2 children. An open side-to-back zipper allows easy access.

Getting laid on the beach

It is fun to lay on the sand; that is if you are planning to get wet. Sometimes we just want to sit on the beach and feel the breeze. Beach blankets are essential, especially on the beach.

Some regular cloth blankets pass the sand through, sticking to your pants, and giving you that itchy feel. Moreover, the wind might blow it away, spilling all your food and drinks. With Thermalab’s beach blankets, you don’t have to worry about those.

Thermalab’s beach blankets are made of high-quality polyester; waterproof and durable. Design to be compact and lightweight, you can carry them easily and anywhere. Dirt, dust, and stains won’t stick. You can easily clean those spills without any worries of odor. A gentle breeze is great. But it’s the beach. The corners of the blankets have a slot for pins. 4 pins are included when you buy this blanket. You can select from the four colors; blue, dark blue, orange, and pink.

And of course, never forget to get yourself one of Thermalabs beach gear products, to make your beach experience unforgettable. Click here to see our great beach collection.