Beautiful tanMore and more self tanning products are being developed and manufactured these days as s growing number of people prefer staying at home for getting a tanned look, to going to the beach or the neighborhood tanning spa. Imagine how convenient it is for these people to simply apply the tan on their bodies! No need to worry about the time they have to be under the sun or the cost of gas or treatment, driving to the closest tanning salon. However, there are a number of things that should be taken into account when you are utilizing self tanners.

Quality of the Tanning Mitt

  • Comfort: Always go for tanning mitts that are comfortable to wear and that fit your hands comfortably. Tanning mitts should be light and not rough. Rough and heavy mitts will make the experience uncomfortable and can damage your skin. The material that the gloves is made of should also be natural and free from chemicals.
  • Appearance: Pick a tanning mitt that has a double-sided cover, one with an orange side and a black side. The orange side is meant for exfoliating while the black is meant for intense scrubbing. The gloves should also come mixed with quality moisturizers and cleansers which include balms in its ingredients.


  • Do the Job Properly: The tanning mitt should also be able to do the job it is required to do. The gloves should be able to completely fix tanning flaws like chemical residue, blotches and/or color blemishes. It should also be able to restore lost moisture and should leave the body feeling revitalized, and reinvigorated.

Proper Usage

  • Wet It: Before you start applying tanning oil or lotion on it, it is important that you damp it with lukewarm water. If you need to lather it more, apply as much water as you need.
  • Movement: When massaging your legs, or arms, make sure that your movements are gentle, measured and in a circular motion. Avoid delicate areas like the eyes and in case you experience discomfort, stop using the mitt for the time being and wait before using it again.
  • Rinsing: Rinse the gloves every now and then to wash away dead skin cells when you are applying self tanners. Note that there are tanning mitts which can be machine washed, while some require being hand washed and dried. Make sure not to leave your gloves damp because it can become a breeding place for bacteria and fungus which can potentially cause infection.

A tanning mitt has become one of the most essential accessories of people who utilize self tanners in modern day tanning.