Valentine Preparation: How to Apply the Perfect Fake Tan

Valentines is upon us and there’s so many things to look forward to. As one would know, Valentines is the day for lovers, for friends and even family. Just because romance isn’t the topic doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the day with the people that mean the most to you. One of the biggest things to look forward to is the sweets and the surprises in store. Since this is one of the memorable days of the year, one can’t help but to step up on their appearance. It’s not uncommon for individuals to dress nice or change their look for this day. If you’re hoping to do a makeover for the special day, you may want to consider getting a fake tan.

Fake tan, or a tan done through self tanning, is just like any other tan. The only difference is the method done to get your tan. You don’t rely on the sun or any UV rays for your skin to gain the summer glow. This means you can control the saturation of the tan while also getting the healthiest method of getting a tan. It’s been known that too much exposure to UV rays has raised the chances of getting skin cancer in the community. The perks of getting a fake tan is endless but to give you a view, fake tan provide good coverage while also give you the ability to contour how you look.

To get a perfect tan, you’ll need to do a thorough exfoliating session beforehand. Exfoliating gets rid of the layer of dead skin cells. If you don’t do a good cleansing, you’ll end up with uneven patches of skin which can peel off while you have your tan. You’ll also end up with streaking, or spots with darker hues or lighter ones, since your skin wasn’t cleansed properly. Self tanners easily adhere to younger skin which is why it’s a good practice to do a good cleansing before you do your self tanning.

For a better output, make use of an airbrush to apply your tan. This makes sure that your applying a controlled amount on any section of your body and also optimizing the use of the self tanner you have in hand. With the aid of the airbrush, you can contour your tan to hide your flaws. If you’re the type to constantly use a bronzer for contouring, self tanners work in a similar fashion and last longer than your usual makeup. 5)|