Ways To Finish Self Tanning Fast

Tanning has been an approach to look better with yourself. Normally you’d go for sunbathing or indoor tanning as a means to get your tan. However, these methods have brought the chances of skin cancer on a higher scale. With the harm they do to your body, it’s not a surprise that certain individuals seek the aid of self-tanners as a means to get their tanning fix.

Unfortunately, self-tanners are not as easy as the previously mentioned methods. Since this approach in tanning is topical, getting it right can be tricky. One of the biggest hurdles of self-tanning is how to do it right while also getting the optimal results.

One way to hasten the process of self-tanning, it’s best to exfoliate your skin beforehand. Exfoliated skin is a good palette. Self-tan can easily adhere to youthful skin thus this makes your self-tanning session much easier. Another important tip is to wax off your hair at least days beforehand. Body hair can cause streaks and self-tanner to clump up together thus it’s best to get your hair removed. It’s optimal to let your skin rest for two days since your pores are still dilated from being waxed and it can be quite itchy after waxing.

If you want a comfortable and efficient way to put on a self-tanner, spray tanning is a great method. While it can be costly since you’re using an airbrush and compressor, these tools help provide a good tanning experience. Spray tanning is very effective since you can control the amount of spray tan applied on your body and used in the whole session. With a small nozzle, you can control the intensity of the shade you’re putting on. This method also has few mishaps thus you can surely save a lot of time.

For self-tanning, you’d want an open area to work around with. Make sure to move any furniture away as well as put some old newspapers on the floor in case of spills. Bumping furniture can ruin a good tan so it’s best to open some space for your tanning session. It’s also a good way for air to flow so you can dry quickly. Avoid using a mechanical fan as it can tamper with your newly applied self-tan.

Staying in an air-conditioned room may expedite the drying process. However, don’t let yourself dry up in a hot environment as you’ll sweat out your tan.