Ways to Save More on Self Tanners

Tanning can be quite an expensive hobby, if you aren’t careful. Normally, you’d consider getting your tan through sunbathing. Sunbathing is cost-efficient. You need only a reliable sunscreen, the sun and some undergarments to make sure that you don’t out on tanning a good portion of your body. Unfortunately, putting yourself under the sun’s rays isn’t that healthy. If you’ll be turning to indoor tanning, that method isn’t more innocent as well. These two methods make use of UV radiation to give your skin the summer glow.

Through years of research, we’ve found that consistent exposure to UV radiation can actually raise the risk of getting skin cancer. This has been pinpointed to the common victims of skin cancers as tanning enthusiasts. Thus said, self tanners make a better option to getting a tan.

Self tanning can be quite a daunting task since you apply the tan to your skin. Putting that into consideration, self tanning can be costly if you aren’t careful. In order to save money when shifting to a self tanning approach, here are some tips you an consider:

– Identify your skin type before buying a tanner or even choosing one. It’s always good practice to be knowledgeable of your skin type. This can help narrow down your choices of self tanners that you can use. Make it a habit to check the ingredients, and if you can, to try out testers before picking a self tanner that can work with your skin. Another concern to consider is your lifestyle, do you travel often? Are you pressed on time? These questions can also help determine if you need a quick drying self tanner or a more enriching tanner.

– Try to plan when you’re going to do your self tanning sessions. This can help estimate how much self tanner you use in a month or two and then restock on your self tanners. Another thing to consider is how long your tan can last to avoid overdoing your self tanning. You can opt to get rid of your tan much faster by exfoliating since younger skin is an ideal palette for self tanning.

– In order to make the most of your self tanning session, dab the self tanner slowly to your skin. Build up your color as opposed to slathering your skin with the tanning lotion. By building up your skin tone, you can easily blend all the areas while also avoiding to streak the self tanner.