We also sit on the ground

We travel. We drive. We walk and run. We get tired. We sit.
What is if there is not a chair in sight? A rock would be great to sit on.
But what if there is no object at all with the sitting height? The next good thing to do is sit on the ground. The ground where the sand, soil, and creepy crawlies are.
Though it is fine to have the sand on our backs while on the beach, sitting and eating for 30 minutes with sand on our backs can be very itchy.

Have you had this experience; you looked at the green grass and found no soil, sit or lay on it, and magic ants appear? How about this experience; you looked at the green grass and found no soil, and no ants, spread a blanket, and laid on it but still magic ants appear?
Before spreading a blanket we need to survey the scene.
Is the ground level? We spread a blanket for us to sit on and put our belongings. If it is inclined you may expect you or your belongings to magically move
Does the ground have sharp objects? The beach is filled with sand; not many sharp rocks. But there are sharp shells hidden under the sand.
Is the ground wet or moist? We tend to look for dry spots so that moisture or water will not be retained or pass through or blankets.
Does the ground have hidden creepy crawlies? If you spread a blanket on grassy lands, you will need to look under the grass. Though some crawlies may be harmless; may not bite us, they can stick to our clothes and take them home or crawl over food. Though at first look, they are not there; they are underground. Worms may not be small enough to pass through the fabric, but small bugs can pass through the fabric or chew their way.
Is the wind strong enough to blow the blanket away? We commonly spread blankets outdoor. There might be no wind when we spread the blanket, but the wind is unpredictable.

Beach Blanket - Blue-6

With the challenges mentioned above, you will need a blanket that does not rip, slide, waterproof, and has no pores. Thermalabs’ Beach Blankets(by Tent World) will pass the challenges.
Thermalabs’ Beach Blankets are not just made for the beach; hiking and grassland picnics also.
Thermalabs’ Beach Blankets are made from durable polyester. The material is strong and won’t easily rip through sharp objects. So strong it can endure the sun’s beating for years.
It is waterproof and can even be used as a make-shift umbrella. Water just slides over.
If water cannot pass through the blanket, what more can creepy crawlies do. Bugs and ants won’t be able to pass or bite through.

The four corners have stake holes. This ensures that the blanket will not slip nor get blown away by the wind. Since it is made from a strong material, you can stretch it and pin it to the ground for a wide spread.
Small and compact, it will fit a small bag. Unfolded, it spreads 55 inch x 70 inches.
You don’t have to worry about spilled food or mud. Cleaning is easy, it is machine washable.

Check the here and discover the 4 lovely colors.

Beach Blanket - Orange-4