What Are the Best Tanning Machines to Invest on This Season

Tanning has gone through drastic methods since it was discovered. Normally, we’d consider tanning done only by staying under the sun. However, with today’s innovations; it’s been a lot of additions to make tanning an easier experience. Aside from the usual sunbathing, indoor tanning has become quite a hit to the community. However, it’s been discovered that consistent exposure to the sun or UV rays can raise the chances of getting skin cancer. Melanoma, which is a very aggressive form of skin cancer, has been found in numerous tanning addicts and has raised skin cancer alarmingly to the fourth most common cancers around the world.

This is where self-tanning comes in. If you’re not familiar, self-tanning is the method of getting tanning using tanning lotions or dubbed as self-tanners. Since these self-tanners do not rely on the sun or UV rays to get your bronze hue; they’re a much healthier approach to getting yourself tanned. Normally, you need only a tanning mitt to help put on the self-tanner. However, there are ways where you can benefit from a tanning machine while still using a self-tanner as a means to get your summer glow.

A good way to bolster your self-tanning experience is to make use of spray tanning. Spray tanning is simply self-tanning but done with an airbrush. As mentioned above, we normally make use of tanning mitts, towelettes and etc., to put on our tan. Spray tanning is an effective method of self-tanning as it covers a large area while providing a steady and clean flow. While it may sound a little costly compared to using a tanning mitt, spray tanning provides the most effective use for your self-tanner. Since you’re not putting too much at a time, you can avoid dripping or even streaking. Not only is that but spray tanning the most effective method of self-tanning to help contour your tan. This means being able to shape your body with the aid of a great tan.

To ante up your spray tanning experience, you can try out the Thermalabs spray tanning kit. Thermalabs prides itself in using only the most natural ingredients which is a definite pampering for your skin while tanning. Another matter to consider is their self-tanner is dedicated to spray tanning so you can rest assured that using it or cleaning it right after won’t be too much of a hassle.