What Do Expert Dermatologists Say About Base Tan Theory?

Tanning has become quite a lucrative business especially to make yourself look better. It’s not surprising as there’s a lot of benefits from getting a tan. From getting an overall coverage to hide your flaws such as freckles or light scars, you can even make your body look better. There’s a lot of appreciate in getting a tan.

For those who have pale skin, it’s a good idea to have a base tan before diving under the sun for some sunbathing. Getting a base tan is done by exposing one’s self to a little bit of indoor tanning. This gives individuals with very light skin the chance to get some color before hitting the sun. This was done due to the belief that darker skin will have less chances to getting sunburn or getting harmed while doing sunbathing. You also have less chances of turning out too red from sunbathing.

Unfortunately, this can be a dangerous practice. Individuals with dark skin tone have an advantage against the sun since their skin produces more melanin. Those with fair skin cannot replicate this ability as it is done innately by one’s skin. Getting a base tan can make things worse. A light tan or a dark one is still a result of damaged skin. Thus said, getting a tan beforehand doesn’t protect you from getting sunburn when you get your share of sunbathing.

The more you expose your skin to UV radiation before sunbathing will only make your skin vulnerable as you sunbathe. To soften the blow of the sun’s rays while sunbathing, you’ll want to incorporate a good sunscreen that has a wide spectrum and a high SPF value. A very important tip to remember is to reapply your sunscreen every two hours to lessen the chances of getting sunburn.

In the end, getting a tan through sunbathing and indoor tanning can be quite dangerous. If you want to get your tan but lessen the chances of harm, self tanners are a great and healthy method to do so. Self tanners, dubbed as fake tan due to the absence of the sun in tanning, provides your skin with the bronze glow without damaging your skin. Yes, they can be tricky to work with but this lessens the expenditure of money and time while getting a tan. Self tanners are so diverse that they can accommodate various skin types even individuals who have sensitive skin.