What To Look For In A Self Tanner

Nowadays, sunbathing and tanning bed harm has become quite prevalent. Why is this the case? Sun bathing and tanning beds make use of UV rays to give you that bronze town. While it may seem harmless, it actually isn’t. It’s been known that consistent exposure to the UV rays can not only cause skin damage but also inhibit the chances of getting skin cancer. It’s not surprising to find that Melanoma, a very aggressive skin cancer, has been found in 1 in every 5 people. This makes skin cancer the top 4 cancer on the list.

With this information at hand, self tanning or tanning in the absence of the sun has gained attention these past few years. This is achieved by using chemicals that aid in providing certain pigmentation to one’s skin. The rise of self tanners as a choice of tanning method has brought a lot of these products in the market. This is where some tips to finding the ideal self tanner for you come in:

  • Your skin determines what you’ll get. Most individuals can easily pluck off a skin care lotion off the shelf. Self tanners work similarly like lotion and thus you can easily get one if you’re satisfied with the saturation and manner it is applied. Individuals with sensitive skin may have a smaller bracket of choice on what they can use. However, not to worry as there are certain brands such as Thermalabs that make use of organic ingredients in their self tanners. This means lesser harm when applying the concoction; and as an added bonus you’re also nurturing your skin.


  • Do you have time to dedicate to self tanning? Unlike sunbathing and tanning beds, self tanners can be a little complicated. Since they are like lotions, you’ll want them to dry out before you do anything. If you’re hasty, you’ll end up with an uneven tan as well as marks on your furniture and clothing. Choose an appropriate self tanner which can be absorb in record time, or set a schedule for when you do your self tanning sessions.


  • There are various methods of applying self tanners. The most common way would be to lather the self tanner to one’s skin using a tanning mitt. But if you’d like to avoid buying a lot of items to accomplish tanning, you can make use of towelettes which are rubbed against your skin. If you’d like to step up the tanning game, you can also make use of airbrushes which help in applying an even layer of tan but also help contour how your tan looks.