What to Love About Thermalabs Exfoliation Glove


Last December 2015, Thermalabs has launched the Exfoliating Gloves Pack . Thermalabs is well known for their high quality formulations and natural self-tanning products and we are very confident that our new cosmetic product will be as popular as the previous ones. Unlike other normal exfoliating gloves, Thermalabs ensures that this is one of a kind and will make the user feel like pro when it comes to exfoliating the skin naturally.

Thermalabs Eco-Friendly Body Scrub Exfoliating Gloves Set
Thermalabs Eco-Friendly Body Scrub Exfoliating Gloves Set

The exfoliating gloves pack is made from eco-friendly materials such as bamboo fiber, loofah, jute and sisal mitts. Each material contributes smooth, silky texture in the gloves giving the user more comfort in handling the skin. No other chemicals were used to create the gloves making it an all-natural product that provides better exfoliation. The gloves also provide its users with a finger exfoliator to improve the performance of the product as well as its users. The kit also comes with a printed guide for the new users in order to teach them the proper ways on how to exfoliate the body. Not only that, Thermalabs guarantees a one year warranty for the product, showing that they are truly confident in the product that it would please its customers with the right results. They also claimed that by using their product, the person will:

  • Naturally remove all the unwanted dead skin cells;
  • Unclog pores, especially in the face area;
  • Stimulate the circulation of blood inside the body;
  • Decrease the rate of growth of hair throughout your body; and
  • Make your skin healthier and smoother than ever.

Having all of this said, this can easily be the top choice of customers when it comes to buying exfoliating gloves. The product has appeal to the skin care community and it also comes at a very reasonable price.

This is a great leap for Thermalabs and simply proves that the company will always bring high quality cosmetic products that are user-friendly and all-natural making it 100% safe to use by anybody. Some of the recent notable products that has brought Thermalabs success are Natural Self Tannesr , tanning lotions and beach tents. And what’s new is this exfoliating gloves that would pave the way to natural exfoliation and skin care.