Why Does Thermalabs Ultimitt Keep Getting A 5-Star Rating


Tanning mitts are a necessity. Not only does it help make applying tanning lotions less messy and easier, it also helps keep application very even, which helps prevent streaks and dark spots.

There are plenty of tanning mitts available in the market, more so online. And in Amazon.com, Thermalabs frequently comes out on top as one of the most reviewed products, especially the Ultimitt.


The Thermalab Ultimitt has consistently been the best-rated tanning mitt available, from 328 customer reviews on Amazon, which has led many to start questioning its veracity, even going as far as calling it a scam.

But when you do dig deeper and check, it is not so hard to see how the Thermalab Ultimitt really made its mark.

Why is it the best?

The Ultimitt is the toughest, most durable tanning mitt

While regular tanning mitts fall apart during use, and have to be discarded, the Thermalab Ultimitt is durable, and will take the abuse of constant use. While it is more expensive, you do feel the difference.

It is machine washable!

Talk about bang for your buck, the Thermalab Ultimitt is also machine-washable! After using, you can just chuck it inside your washing machine, and be ready to use after drying. And since it is made of strong, durable materials, you wont have to worry about the mitt being worn out after every use and wash.

The Ultimitt is made of premium and high-quality materials

Again, the Ultimitt is able to take the abuse of constant use and washing because it uses the highest quality microfiber. Not only that, it also comes with a certified one-year warranty from Thermalab, so you can be confident you’ll always have a reliable pair of tanning mitts.

The most reliable protection from tanning lotion stains

While size is not the real issue, the fact that the Ultramitt is extra big ensures that you don’t get stains from your tanning lotion when you use it.

It comes with a handy travel pouch

And we all know the importance of having our tanning kit ready and easy to carry along especially when we go out. The Thermalab Ultramitt comes with its own carrying travel poly bag so you can keep it handy and safely tucked away in your bag, and not need to worry about it staining your clothes and other items.

Durable, reusable, convenient, handy, and high-quality ‘ The Ultramitt definitely deserves its five-star rating.