Why Exfoliating is Needed Before Self Tanning

Getting the most out of self-tanning can be done through a lot of things. Be it making the most out of one’s time or trying to find the right self-tanner that matches your skin. These are some of the things to consider but having a great tan can be boiled down to how you prepped your skin before tanning. Exfoliating one’s skin is a very important step to getting a good tan, especially for self-tan.

Why is this the case?

Our skin can push out dirt and dead skin cells each day. However, as we grow older, the ability to push out the impurities because of our body prioritizing the survivability of our body. This usually happens once we hit thirty but it can be even earlier depending on an individual’s body. Thus said, this is where the aid of exfoliating, or cleansing to some, comes in.

Exfoliating is done using a tool to get rid of the impurities that have clung to our skin. Normally, you’d use loofa or plastic body scrubs. It’s best to make use of loofa because body scrubs can be too harsh on your skin. An important note to consider would be to let your loofa dry outside the bath after use to prevent the growth of molds and bacteria.

Now, a thoroughly exfoliated skin is the best palette to self-tanning. By getting rid of impurities you are getting rid of uneven skin which can lead to a bad tan. Uneven skin tone or streaking can be due to dry skin, uneven skin levels, or even leftover self-tan. No one wants to get a bad tan after all the effort of dabbing the self-tanner on your skin.

Another factor why exfoliated skin is great is how self-tanners easily cling to youthful skin. Since your skin has not been braced by the elements, it’s a great chance for a self-tanner to adhere easily. Younger skin tends to be supple so you are assured that your tan will come out well. You can also easily manage skincare regimens since your skin is still fresh from exfoliation. Your skincare products that aid in keeping your tan looking well work best with newly exfoliated skin.

You can expect to keep your self tanned skin longer. It’s been known that exfoliating one’s skin helps extend the length of your self tanned skin. If you’re planning to enjoy your self-tanner for quite some time, don’t forget to do a good exfoliating beforehand. |tcl