Why Go for Thermalabsa�� Ultimitt?

Beauty Spa Woman Portrait. Beautiful Girl Touching her FaceIf you enjoy tanning then there is no reason for you not to utilize Thermalabs’ Ultimitt, the ultimate mitt. In fact, you could go ahead and check the varying reviews of people about the product and see how much they enjoyed using the product. Of course, reading them may not be enough so here is a run-down of why you should pick Thermalabs’ Ultimitt.

  • Coverage: Thermalabs’ Ultimitt size is larger than your regular tanning latex gloves. This means that wearing the Ultimitt will give you an opportunity to apply tanning solution more evenly and can cover a wide range of area on your body. Not only is it convenient but it saves you more time and product content. You also would not have problems when it comes to wearing them since they are large enough to fit anyone’s hands.


  • Durable: Compared to other tanning mitts sold in the market, Thermalabs’ Ultimitt the ultimate mitt is durable. It has a longer lifespan and you do not need to replace it after three months and in fact lasts up to a year. Furthermore, it is made out of high-quality micro-fiber that is soft to the touch to the point that you would even go as far as wanting it to be your comforter in cold evenings. This is a 1 year guarantee which means that if it gets torn or breaks, you can have it replaced right away.
  • Poly-Bag Included: Thermalabs’ Ulimitt comes with a polybag where you could keep it secured and avoid the possibility of your other belongings getting stained in case you need to bring your ultimitt with you as you travel. This makes it very convenient not to mention that there is a bonus mini mitt that you could use on parts of your body that are difficult to apply tan on like the area surrounding the eyes or the face that the regular mitt will not be able to efficiently apply tan on it. This gives the user more control on how much he or she wants to apply on those hard to apply areas.
  • No Stain Promise: Perhaps one of the best things that Thermalabs’ Ultimitt the Ultimate Mitt can offer customers is the promise of being able to enjoy tanning their bodies without worrying about getting stains on their palms which can turn the color of their palm into an unnatural orange color. Using the tanning mitt also keeps the user from causing streaks especially if he or she is not yet experienced when it comes to using self-tanners. The tanning mitt can simply be washed and then be reused after.

Self-tanners will continue to be the go-to tanning option of people and you can never go wrong when it comes to using the best mitt available in the market such as Thermalabs’ Ultimitt the Ultimate Mitt especially if you are aiming for a great self-tanning experience.