Why Is It a Good Idea to Gift Self Tanners

Tanning has become quite the beauty business. Ranging from the familiar selection of sunscreen to the different kinds of clothes to make use for sunbathing. You also have a selection on what indoor tanning machine you’d like to use as well as the methods of spray tanning you want to try out. Indeed, tanning has become quite the beauty enhancer that seasons aren’t a limit to when you can get your tan.

While there’s a wide range of indoor machines, or opting to make good use of the sun can be a cheaper option. These methods of tanning have become quite controversial. Through the years, it’s been found that consistent exposure to the sun can cause not only sunburn but also heighten the chances of getting skin cancer. Skin cancer has become the top four leading cancer found across the globe. One of the reasons is being stemmed to sunbathing or absorbing a lot of UV rays.

With the holidays coming in, you may want to switch to self tanners as a means of gifts to your tanning addict friends. While they may be more complicated than the usual lying down and soaking up the sun, they are a much healthier option than the previous.

Another good reason why self tanners are a great gift is how they can also be used by individuals with various skin types. Those with sensitive skin are at the lowest in the spectrum of tanning due to how their skin can be easily damaged. With the use of self tanners, especially those concocted with organic ingredients, these individuals have the chance to get bronze skin without putting themselves in harm’s way. If you’d like to raise the value of your self tanner gift, you can make use of Thermalabs’s self tanners since they are organic and are not harsh to any skin type.

Another point to consider when giving self tanners as a gift is that these self tanners act like semi-permanent bronzers. If you have a friend well-versed with make up or enjoys contouring their look each day, giving them a self tanner can be quite a treat. Contouring is done by using a darker tone to shape how you look. Self tanners give that ability without having to sacrifice your overall skin tone in the process; you can even use an airbrush for a more detailed approach.

If your friend is into tanning, get them a new set of self tanners for a healthier approach to tanning.