Times have changed and it is funny to think that back then, people would book a hotel room close to the beach just so they can eventually sun bathe and get their skin bronzed. The problem though is that the sun’s ultra-violate rays can potentially harm the skin and even cause skin cancer and you do not want that. Then after a few years, tanning salons started popping up which is a great development since you no longer need to get to the beach just to look fabulous. And you thought man was interested to stop there? They decided to invent fake tanners which no longer need you to go out of your house to get tanned. However, what most people tend to take for granted when tanning, regardless of their methods, is exfoliating. So what is exfoliating?

Beauty treatment skincareExfoliating is important because it is the process which removes dead skin cells and other impurities on the skin’s surface. This makes the resulting tanning session more satisfactory. In addition, exfoliating the skin makes the skin appear more youthful and fresh. It also helps the skin cells to regenerate faster. It unclogs the pores of the skin and lessens any break outs from occurring. In addition, there are exfoliating products being sold in the market nowadays that contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant ingredients which further improves the skin’s health.

While this article discusses the importance of exfoliating, it does not stop with that. It is also important to know some of the things that you can do to make exfoliating more effective. The first is exfoliating while you are taking a bath and the option to use Diatomaceous earth which consists of grainy beads that contributes to the effectiveness of exfoliating your skin. Using an exfoliating mitt also helps in getting you a successful tanning outcome. Note that when you are exfoliating, make sure that you avoid salt or sugar based exfoliating products which tends to leave residue on the skin. Also make sure to do it in a firm, circular and even strokes and that you cover the entire surface of the skin to keep any streaks or unevenness from occurring.

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