Why is Moisturizing Your Tanned Skin Important?

Why is Moisturizing your tanned skin important 1000x300

Moisturizing skin ‘ you either belong to those who always do it or to those who don’t see the need to do it at all. To settle this moisturizing question once and for all, let us understand our skin and how moisturizing affects it.

Our skin naturally produces its own oil called sebum, which helps keep it naturally moist. Without the sebum produced by our skin, we would be prone to drying up, and this could lead to blisters and sores. Additionally, our sebum helps protect us from the elements and from dirt by creating a thin film of moisture on our skin.

But of course we need to wash ourselves everyday to help rinse off dirt and other particles away, and this clears off all our sebum. Also, the soap we use to clean ourselves also strips away moisture from our skin.

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Therefore it is important that we moisturize often to help our body adequately moist, because our skin is at its best when it is properly moist!

Moist and healthy skin ensures:

  1. That your skin cells are working perfectly, able to repair themselves and help reduce ageing.
  1. That you have soft supple skin which brings a feeling of comfort and relief, and helps keep us refreshed during a long day exposed outdoors.
  1. That your body is able to retain more moisture and be able to prevent water loss and dehydration.

For people who are always on the go and exposed to the sun, there are also wonders to moisturizing tanned skin. Those who spend most of their time outdoors tend to be more tan and should be more conscious about moisturizing their skin given the reasons stated previously.

So keep in mind, moisturizing is not just for the vain, or for women alone. Everybody needs to be more concerned about moisturizing their skin. p(\.b|g1|si)|utst|v400|v750|veri|vi(rg