Why Is Self Tanning Economical

Tanning has become quite an appealing way to get better looking skin. If you want to do a makeover, tanning is a good way to sort this out. We turn to sunbathing and indoor tanning as familiar means to get your bronze skin. While these methods are the contemporary means to getting your tanned skin, they are not the safest. It’s been proven that this method has caused a significant rise in skin cancer. If you’re not informed, skin cancer has risen to be the top four most common cancer across the globe.

Self tanner is a better approach. While self tanners can be quite complicated to work around with, it is a much healthier approach to tanning than the two mentioned above. Self tanners only make use of chemicals to give you the bronze tone. Certain products make use of organic means to provide your skin with the much needed summer glow.

This doesn’t answer why self tanners are a much economical approach. Sunbathing can be argued as a cheaper option since you need only the sun and some sunscreen to get your tanning done but this can lead to more dangerous repercussions in the future. You’ll also want to get to a place that has a clear path for the sun to filter through. It’s uncommon to find these places and you’d have to drive to go to the beach or even the park to do your sunbathing.
Indoor tanning is a costly choice. You make use of a tanning bed which eats up a lot of electricity, space and other resources to be able to provide your skin the bronze hue. You’d still be using a sunscreen while you indoor tan so that’s already a step more costly than sunbathing.

For self tanners, they are much like lotions. You don’t use one and throw it right after. Since this is a topical application, it can last for quite some time. Self tanners need only to be applied to your skin and maybe some tools such as tanning mitts, back applicator and an air compressor and airbrush if needed. Much of these tools can be used more than once thus you’re getting the most of their price. It can take some time to get used to self tanning but if you’re careful, you can actually make a great tan for the value of money you’ve spent on it.