Why Self Tanning Is Economical Than Tanning Beds

Tanning is a common approach to feeling better about yourself. What’s not to like about the color accentuating your body and hiding your flaws. Through the years, there have been various methods in trying to get the ideal shade of bronze for your skin.

One of the most common approaches is soaking as much UV rays inside the tanning bed as you can. This approach gives individuals the chance to enjoy a tan without having to lie under the sun or for those who dislike baring much of themselves out in the open.

Another method to sprout up is tanning through the use of self tanners. Selft tanners do not make use of UV rays thus they are a much healthier option. In some cases, like that of Thermalabs, self tanners can be created using organic ingredients thus you’re enjoying your journey to tanning more than you’re expecting.

But why does self tanning more ideal than tanning in a tanning bed? To best understand the value of a fake tan’, here are some points to consider:

  • You don’t really need to get out of the house when using a self tanner. Chances are, you’d have to drive yourself to the nearest tanning salon, set a schedule and soak up the UV rays for a copious amount of time. Self tanners only need a one time purchase and can be administered at home, by yourself or with the aid of a companion.
  • Self tanners have little room for error. If you happen to dab the bronzer a little too much, you can simply swipe the excess or make use of a little lemon juice to lighten the spot. For tanning beds, streaking is usually common since you’re not really able to move much in the cramped space.
  • Tanning beds tend to provide a long list of negative effects to your skin. Since you’re basically cooking’ your skin to make it brown, some of the common effects from tanning with a tanning bed are thick, wrinkled leathery skin. Your eyes, if you’re not careful, would also be affected by the radiation.
  • Self tanners are a healthier approach to tanning. No matter what people say about the fake tan, absorbing much UV rays can be deadly. With the recent rise of cancer due to UV radiation, one can’t help but want to rule out the usage of tanning beds.

With these points in mind, it’s best to avoid your trip to the tanning salon and switch your method of tanning to self tanners.