Why Use Spray Tan Tent

Methods of tanning has evolved through the years. From the well-knonwn method of sunbathing to the comfortable indoor tanning and now we have the healthiest option of getting a tan, self tanners. Whichever method you’d choose, it boils down to which one works best for you. However, as the years has trickled by, many scientists and even skin care experts have long dissuaded the reliance of the sun and the use of indoor tanning as a means to get your bronze tone.

It’s been found that consistent exposure to the sun’s rays or the UV radiation from sunbeds can cause a significant risk of getting skin cancer. UV radiation help in kindling the presence of melanoma, a very aggressive skin cancer, that has been found in one of five individuals. If that’s not alarming, skin cancer has rose to be the top four most common and deadly cancer on the list.

Thus said, self tanners have begun to steal the spotlight for tanning. That doesn’t dampen the downside of self tanning being a very meticulous method of tanning. Since it is applied to one’s skin, it can drip off if applied in excess. Additionally, it can also transfer to furniture or clothes if you didn’t let it dry before moving around.

One good way to get around this would be to make use of a spray tan tent. As the name goes, this is a tent dedicated to spray tanning but not limited to that. While most tents only provide a means of shelter, spray tan tents are built for more than just keeping the sun from cooking you up.

Spray Tan tents are created with material that can easily be cleaned if self tanners are accidentally applied to it. If you’re testing out your new airbrush or unsure of the setting, you might accidentally apply on the walls. This is easily remedied by a wet rag.

Spray Tan tents are created to let the breeze flow in easily. This is a place where you can apply and let your spray tan dry before heading out. This tent also aids in preventing any self tanners to drip on the ground, thus keeping your carpets from being stained.

Lastly, since it is a tent, you can bring it anywhere and do your spray tanning there. You can prop the tent in your backyard or on a trip by the beach. It’s not limited to being utilized only as a spray tanning tent but can still be used as your portable shelter. l(i|m)|tim\-|t\-m