Why Use Tanning Mitts?

portrait of a beautiful young girl in a swimsuitDo you not notice that a growing number of people are realizing how important tanning mitts are when it comes to using fake tan products? Using tanning mitts to get that tanning job done offers a lot of advantages:

  • Coverage: Using a tanning mitt when you are applying tanning solution on your body allows you to cover more area in a few minutes as compared to simply using your hands. Imagine how much time you can potentially save if you are able to apply tan in more areas of your body due to the tanning mitt’s size. In addition, a tanning mitt is specifically designed to allow even application of the tanning solution.
  • Blending Convenience: I am sure that you already have experienced having trouble in blending and spreading fake tan solution on your body evenly. However, if you are using a tanning mitt, you can effortlessly blend the solution on every part of your body without you leaving any uneven surfaces as caused by tan residue. In fact, even if it is your first time using a fake tan, having a tanning mitt makes your life easier.
  • Protection: Is it not unpleasant to look at your palm having an orange complexion as caused by prolonged tan solution on it? The skin on your palm easily absorbs tanning solution and even if you attempt to wash it off from your hands, chances are, you will still end up with an orange palm. One reason why tanning mitts were invented is to protect your hands’ skin from absorbing tanning solution and eventually turning it into an orange complexion. Tanning mitts are manufactured using waterproof material which means that you need not worry or get anxious about the tanning solution leaving a stain or soaking too much tan.
  • Go Green: While there are some people who opt for regular gloves, or disposable gloves, it does not help in promoting a green and healthy environment. The last thing that you want to do is contribute to the planet’s environmental problems. However, if you use a tanning mitt, particularly Thermalabs’ brand new mitt called the Ultimitt, the ultimate mitt, you do not have to worry about disposing a tanning mitt. Thermalabs’ Ultimitt is durable and has a longer lifespan as compared to most tanning mitts sold in the market. Thermalabs’ Ultimitt is also longer which allows you to cover more area. What makes Thermalabs’ Ultimitt the best choice is the fact that they have a 1 year guarantee for the product. It also comes along with a polybag which gives you the opportunity to bring it anywhere without worrying about it leaving any stains on the clothes you have in your bag. Thermalabs’ Ultimitt the ultimate mitt also comes along with a Mini Mitt which you can use to apply tan on smaller areas like the cheeks, the surrounding areas of the eyes, or the forehead.

There is a reason why tanning mitts were invented and getting your own Thermalabs Ultimitt will make a big difference when it comes to using a self tanner.