Why You Might Be Using Tanning Mitts All Wrong

If you’ve been hoping to try out tanning for quite some time, you may have gone through the basics to this little skin care venture. One can’t help but wonder how prepared they can be when it comes to tanning. Tanning mitts are one of the best aids to putting the tan from self tanners. No one wants to have orange hands or nails from their tanning sessions so mitts are always the best friends to this kind of tanning method. If you’re not a newbie to tanning and have been using these mitts for tanning, you’ve probably notice how difficult application can be.

Young woman in white towel massaging his leg with white glove

It’s actually not that surprising as you might be using the mitts incorrectly, or not to the best of their purpose.

You may have applied self tanners to your mitts much like how you put lotion on your hands. This is actually an inefficient method since you’re not really spreading the tanner on the mitt eventually. In worst case scenarios, you might cause streaking which is a result of having a really uneven tan.

A good way to apply an even tan is to put the tanner upon the base of your palm. By putting it at the bottom section of the mitt, you can easily apply it to your fingers. This is very important since you want to make sure that you’re not clumping the tanner in one area. You’re also not going to pat the tan using the palm of your hand but by using your fingers. Using your fingers in applying the tanner gives you a better control and contouring. Since you have better control of your fingers, you can avoid streaking the tan.

An important note however; make sure to apply the tanner in small amounts to avoid saturating the color on your skin, no one wants to look too orange.

This might take some practice, especially the contouring part. A good way to become familiar with contouring is to understand your face shape or your body. Which areas do you want to sculpt and which areas do you want to emphasize? These questions will surely help out on how you contour with a tanner.

On a last note, try to be careful with the mitts. Having the tanner on the lower half of the mitt can cause the tanner to be accidentally applied to your wrists so be extra careful when you put some on!