Why You Should Not Put Self-Tanner Before Work Out!

Getting in shape is one of the best things to boost one’s self confidence. Getting a tan complements that thought. However, there are just some things you don’t want to mix. This happens to be self tanners and working out.

if you’re not familiar what self tanners are, they are another method to getting one’s tan. Self tanners rely on chemicals that help inhibit the bronze tone as opposed to basking the UV rays to get your tan. In fact, it is the healthiest method to getting one’s tan. With the rise of skin cancer, commonly found in tanning addicts due to consistent sunbathing and indoor tanning, self tanning has become quite a trend to getting the summer glow.

Since self tanners act much like lotion, putting them before getting to the gym is a disaster waiting to happen. To get a better picture, here are some of the reasons why this is going to end up badly:

  • Sweat and self tanner just can’t mix. We tend to wash off our sunscreen or lotion if we sweat too much. That’s something that is also true with self tanners. Since your sweat washes down your tan, you can end up streaking and messing up your overall tan after an excursion from the gym.
  • You’re going to get some self tanner stains on your clothing. No one wants to ruin their clothes from self tanning stains especially gym clothes, which should be long haul kinds of fabric. If you’re the type to wear bright colored gym clothing, these won’t be spared if your self tanner runs while you sweat out your calories on the treadmill. Darker clothing can avoid this issue but your tanner can still adhere to fabric thus you’ll end up with lighter patches of color due to the tan being rubbed off in the process.
  • You’re not totally dry. It can take some time to really dry one’s self tan. At times, we tend to move around while it’s drying and this can be a mishap to gym equipment. When we sweat, not only does our clothes get the brunt of it but self tan can drip to certain gym equipment. This not only gives you very obvious streaking but the maintenance can take a big brunt on cleaning the stains.

if you’re eager to get some self tanning done before hitting the gym, why not do it the night before? This gives you plenty of time to dry up.