Regardless of the season, a lot of people nowadays enjoy tanning themselves. Tanning has grown so popular to the extent that there are a number of ways to get tanned. There is the tried and tested conventional way of going to the beach to get tanned through sun bathing with the help of the sun's ultra-violet rays. There are also tanning salons that are equipped with top-end technology which allows them to replicate the sun's ultra-violet rays to produce the same tanning results on a person's skin. In addition to these two, there is also the ever convenient self-tanners that contains DHA which is the ingredient that gives the skin its tanned appearance.

However, as compared to the former two, self tanning has been the go-to method of people as of the present and for good reasons. It is convenient. People no longer need to drive to the beach and stay in expensive hotel rooms to get tanned. They no longer need to go out of their house to the closest tanning salon. They just need to have the product and then learn how to properly apply self-tanners. And one of the most important things that you should know when it comes to tanning is to refrain from shaving at least 24 hours prior your tanning session.

depilarsi le gambeThe reason why it is not advisable to shave 24 hours prior your tanning session is because the risk of clogging hair follicle is higher. This means that doing so can get you orange dots on your legs. Also, applying self-tanners on your legs after shaving can possibly cause the skin to get irritated. By refraining from shaving your legs at least 24 hours prior tanning, you reduce the chances of your skin having residue from shaving products like shaving creams, soap, razors with moisturizing strips and the like. With this in mind, the best time for you to be shaving is when you are done washing off the tan on your body. At the same time, use a hair conditioner to soften the hairs which will make it easier for you to shave.

By following these reminders, you are sure to have a better tanning experience. And if you have can, it is highly recommended to wear tanning mitts while you are using reputable self-tanning products like the ones Thermalabs sells. In fact, Thermalabs' also offers top-class tanning mitts that you can take advantage which can make your tanning experience better. s