Winter Wedding Day Spray Tan Tips

Tanning can be quite an odd thing to do especially with the days getting colder and colder. It’s quite odd to see someone sporting a tan during winter. Normally, tanned skin can be achieved through sunbathing, a very cheap approach. It would be crazy to consider sunbathing in the wintry months where snow is abundant and hardly any presence of the sun.

Another method of getting tanned skin would be indoor tanning but committing to indoor tanning during the cold months can be a hassle. You’d have to brave through the ice slick and getting around the chilly weather to be able to get your share of tanning done. Not to mention, consistently exposing yourself to the UV radiation from the tanning contraption can lead to skin damage that results in premature aging, or worse, skin cancer.

To be able to circumvent the effects of harmful tanning, the best approach would be to make use of self-tanners. Self-tanning is a topical approach to getting a tan and can be easily done at home. This makes a perfect tanning experience since it’s the healthiest option in the market, but it can be tricky to work around if you’re a beginner.

Self-tanning is the best choice to tan your skin before your wedding because it works as an even tone and palette for makeup. Since you aren’t drying your skin from exposing it to the UV rays, your skin isn’t shriveled or dry thus makeup can adhere to it with ease.

Another perk of putting on self-tanner is the ability to contour your tan. Contouring is important to bring out the best of your look without having to change a lot. Normally, we rely on makeup to do our contouring, but this medium can be easily removed. If you make use of self-tanners, you can enjoy your contoured look for a long-time frame and without having to work about it getting tampered with so easily.

Tanned skin can bring out a sultry approach especially against the white color of a wedding gown. With self-tanners, you can assure that your tan is not too much since you can easily control how saturated your skin is. However, it’s a good idea to apply the self-tanner at least two or three days before your big day to avoid any chance of staining your gown. You don’t want to walk down the aisle with orange stains on the sheer chiffon, right?