Yes to the beach, no to the sand

My five days of work; under artificial lights, recycled air, and 40 hours of hard stare at my computer, looking at the same person every day. Well, if you are a working individual, like me, you know what I mean. After two weeks or a month of this routine, same as me, you will want to get these out of your system.

Take a break, rejuvenate, and drive long distances, some fresh air, some sun, and new faces. Others may like a mountain trip but I like going to the beach. As I mentioned earlier; new faces. Go to the beach and you will see more faces compared to a mountain hike. Other than the new faces, here are some of the reasons why I prefer the beach than taking a hike.

Health Benefits

I can testify that after a day at the beach my stress was gone. Research shows that serotonin is immediately released when you arrive at the beach. That is the hormone for relaxation and happiness.

I have insomnia. That calming sound of beach waves makes you want to sleep. After a day at the beach, I am a sleeping machine for that night.

As a kid, I was forced to bask under the sun for several minutes without knowing why. Now, I understand; Vitamin D. We can get Vitamin D from foods but it is not enough. Just 10 minutes of beach sun is enough for your needed Vitamin D, which is absorbed by the skin.

My grandmother always takes me to the beach when I have a cold or find it hard to breathe. After a day, I felt better! Just being at the beach gives you that relaxing feeling. That also relaxes the chest muscles surrounding the lungs. The beach air itself is charged with negative ions that increase oxygen absorption into the lungs.

I like the beach but hate the sand!

Now,  if you are like me who loves the sun, the sound of beach waves, but hates the sand, then we got a solution for you.

The first thing that I usually do was to grab a towel and lay it over the beach sand. Works okay. I can lay on the beach with my phone and soda. But you won’t be still; you will move. That movement somehow pushes that sand up. So, I pick up the towel and you shake it off but no matter what I do, it doesn’t release all that sand.

I tried Thermalabs’ beach blanket and this stuff works really great. It is made from durable polyester material, making it heat, moisture, and sand resistant. That solved my problem of the sand going up the blanket. Cleaning is easy, just throw it into the machine washer.

For extra security, the blankets have pinholes. You can be sure it will not be blown away and stays fixed from your movement. Fours stakes are included when you buy one.

With a size of 55X70 inches, it will fit a family. However, it can be folded to pocket size and comes with its travel bag.

So grab your beach tents and beach blankets for that much-awaited summer at the beach! Click here to see more of Thermalabs’ Beach products.